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The “Clarion” Raffle


Drum roll and congratulations are in order. Ellen Trichter won the raffle and is the new guardian of "The Clarion." Congratulations Ellen, she (feels feminine to me) is a beauty. Once a.gain thank you Carolyn Ford. And Ellen, The Clarion also worked in ceremony today and with the water here in Michigan today. I will be sending you water with "The Clarion."

I am pleased to announce that in “Unification” with the work all of us lightworkers are being called to do regardless of being crystal skull guardians or not that Carolyn Ford, guardian of Einstein and member of the Crystal Skull Unification Conference Group has generously donated the following Baby Einstein skull to be used in a raffle to support the Conferences Efforts.


Thank you so much Carolyn from the Conference volunteers and the crystal skull

and other communities following this effort of your “Unification” example.

Sit with this Baby Eisnstein The “ Clarion” in the stillness and receive! The"CLARION" has had plenty of one on one and download time with Einstein to ensure optimal imprinting of Einstein's ancient wisdom.

She is certainly an enchantress and will be a welcome addition to our family of Baby Einstein's.

We see each one of these carved in Einstein's image as contributing to an amazing Einstein "Crystal Skull" grid that is growing daily. Each one that connects enhances the whole. We are building something extraordinary here and we would love you to be part of it.

Baby Einstein The"CLARION" has the feeling of ancient wisdom and an abundance of Love. Create a clear intention with this one and get ready to receive illuminated waves of Consciousness, Wisdom and Love in your life.

Carved in the exact likeness of Einstein, this skull features a wine/indigo velvet cushion just like Einstein's.

Authentic Baby Einstein's are carved in Einstein's image - Einstein says this is the way crystal skulls were meant to be carved...in the image of one of the original 13. Highly activated with "Accelerated Imprinting" (ongoing updated imprinting on each full moon). This means you get the new frequencies as Einstein filters and receives them each month.

"MINERVA" is available to share her dedication, miracles, Love and imprinted wisdom.

The"CLARION" comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

Weight 2.8 lb. Length 5" Width 3" Height 4"

"Love is the all Access Pass Throughout the Uni-Verse"

Raffle tickets will be available for $10 each or 5 for $45 or 10 for $88. For all those buying at ticket at full price going forward 2 raffle chances will accompany the 3 day pass ticket. More raffle ticket packages may be announced.


Till we get this raffle payment option out on the website crystalskullunification.com you can pm me Mary E DeLaat to arrange to receive a paypal invoice for your purchase of raffle tickets and you can buy tickets also at the conference.

The “Clarion” will be included with the Conference Skulls and in Ceremonies and to receive the maximum energy from the conference also before going out to it's new guardian.

Good luck all.