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This crystal skull is a five-six pound clear quartz skull that was purportedly discovered in a cave in southern China with other such skulls of a similar design by a gentlemen named Frank Loo during the 1980’s.  This is another style of crystal skull that has been called Tibetan or Himalayan, and as you can see from the photo below, it is not per-say human-like in form. 


 “Winema” is more of a stylized crystal skull with primitive features.  We do not know the origin of this crystal skull such as which civilization may have been involved in creating it and why they decided to fashion it into such a style.  It seems to have some connection with the other skull, we shared before called “Ta-chu-la” as both of these crystal skulls seemed to have come from China or Tibet (the orient).

In 2016, Katrina was looking through her facebook account, when she saw a man in Holland who wanted to sell this crystal skull. As soon as Katrina laid her eyes upon the digital image of “Winema” in her web browser on her computer, she intuitively felt and knew that this crystal skull must come to us.

Eventually this crystal skull was mailed to us and received on October 16th, 2016. Katrina heard that the name of this crystal skull was “Winema” which means “Chief” and since this crystal skull had a feminine energy connected to “her”, therefore she was a female chief. Another feature that “Winema” has which we have seen on other crystal skulls like her that appear to be quite old, is that mostly around the back of the head, the underside of the jaw and in the right eye (see her photo) there are streaks of a rust color substance that seem to be embeded inside of the quartz.


Joshua did not initially feel a strong connection with “Winema” when he gazed at her photo but after “Winema” arrived, Joshua attended a local psychic fair that “Winema” had requested to go to and participate in (this was a telepathic communication), where he would be doing his intuitive readings.  At the fair, a young woman who did a session with him had selected “Winema”. 


 “Winema” seemed to be able to communicate telepathically through Joshua a very powerful message for this woman who responded quite favorably to the information being shared through Joshua. Thus, this is how Joshua finally linked up with “Winema” and began to appreciate her loving kindness and gentle wisdom. 

For Katrina, “Winema” is connected to the “Rainbow Ancestors” which means she brings into this physical dimension, the essence and energy of these star ancestors. In the dream state, “Winema” took Katrina through the rainbow waterways. Katrina believes and was told that these waterways represent a “Cosmic Rainbow Crystalline Grid” for our planet that connects humanity to the “Cosmos”. 


“Winema” therefore is a cosmic record keeper and is directly connected to the instructional set of the original records of “Star Codes” which link into other similar code sets from different levels of consciousness connected to various species of galactic beings within our entire universe.